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Can you put your heads on any minifigure from LEGO?
The heads are removable and fit all LEGO minifigures. The heads are a total of approx. 14-17 mm high.
Only the heads for the specific LEGO friends system are smaller with a narrower neck.
How does the photo become a 3D image?
A 3D model is calculated from the photos by software or a 3D model is created by hand, the better your information, the better the result.
Can the facial expression be changed?
Yes, we can make your template younger or older, and make it look friendly or grim if you wish.
How are the photos optimal?
With optimal photos, the head is straight, both ears visible, the mouth is closed, no grimaces or distortion due to wide angles, and evenly illuminated, preferably with flash. Without a profile photo, we have to estimate the nose length.
What does 3D printing mean?
In 3D printing, real objects are made layer by layer. With the individual heads, each head is unique, the individual layers are hardly recognizable.
How long does it take to manufacture?
Each figure is individually manufactured and, if necessary, painted, this takes about 2 weeks, with reorders or existing animals it is faster.

What color are the heads?
The colored heads are made of skin-colored plastic and colored. The material of the single-color heads is white, with a layer of color of your choice, e.g. applied metallic.
What details are colored?
We color the hair, mouth, eyes, eyes, glasses and beard.
Can heads be made with glasses?
The glasses are modeled as a relief on the surface. With the colored heads, the glasses are colored.
Why should we specify the eye color and hair color when ordering?
Often, eye color and sometimes also hair color in the photos not clearly recognizable.
Can we choose a hairstyle?
We choose a hairstyle that matches the photos and edit the details on the computer if necessary. You can also specify when ordering if you want a different hairstyle than shown in your photos.
Can the tongue and teeth be modeled?
These details are very tiny, our figures usually have a closed mouth. Special details, e.g. We can adjust the nose ring or piercing if desired.
Are the heads washable?
The heads are waterproof and grip-proof. We recommend not to put the heads in your mouth and not to scratch the surface with sharp objects.
Will everyone recognize me as a figure?
It's like in real life, distinctive heads will be easier to distinguish than common faces. The focus should be on fun. In any case, the figures have yellow hands and square legs.
Where do the figures come from?

We want to offer you the best service and therefore buy original parts from LEGO. Washed used figures usually have fine cracks on the fastening of the hands. LEGO® is a trademark of the LEGO Group of companies which does not sponsor, authorize or endorse this site.

Please remember that small parts are not suitable as toys for small children.